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Labrador dog and American Domestic cat

Kriddr reduces animal suffering one service at a time.

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Labrador dog and American Domestic cat

Dog Walker? Cat Sitter? Iguana Masseuse? Join the BETA!!

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When will Kriddr be ready?

We aim to launch in early 2018. Until then we are working with business owners to fine tune some features. So, fill out the form to see if your business qualifies! Beta users have lifetime access to the ENTIRE platform.

Only Connect with my best customers, but I want to connect with all my customers!

Absolutely, we want you to connect with all of them as well. And there are many great ways to do that! MailChimp is free up to 1,000 contacts and allows you send really cool looking mass emails with graphics…it’s awesome. But think about it, there’s also tons of value to connect with your top 15-20 customers as well. After all, they probably account for almost 80% of your revenue. Kriddr is a special place for you reach their phone without sending annoying texts or having to build your own app…who will really download and use another business’s app anyway, right!? With Kriddr, you can send messages in-app, post cool news, share special promotions, and a whole bunch more. Before you know it, everyone will be asking to join your network. And, yes, you can connect with all your customers, but we don’t want you to sit through hours of mind numbing sales pitches, discovery calls, set ups, changeovers and customer success follow ups from suave folks in suits, so dont abandon your current software set up and simply try Kriddr with your top 10. If you want to connect with everyone, give us a buzz and we will make it super easy to add all your customers.

Does this work for all businesses?

Technically, yes! We decided to start with the pet industry since it is dramatically underserved and we are all animal people. Therefore, if you’re interested in our platform for your business, fill out the form to start a conversation.

Does it cost anything to use Kriddr?

We are still working on it, and your feedback will be especially relevant. Hence, join the beta!

Is Kriddr only for businesses?

Nope. Pet owners will be able to download the app, manage their pet’s whole ecosystem, play with some really neat tools, and connect with their favorite service providers! In order to ensure the best experience, we are launching the business side first, and the consumer interface in the middle of 2018, so stay tuned!

I am experiencing issues with the Kriddr app. What should I do?

The current live version of Kriddr is a prototype, allowing us to make sure it looks and feels good. So,we would love your feedback on what we have so far! Please contact our CEO, Roger Hunt. He is easily reached by email, roger DOT hunt AT kriddr DOT com (apologies for the antics…have to evade the email scraping bots!)

Labrador dog and American Domestic cat

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