We’re making pet care easier.

Labrador dog and American Domestic cat

Kriddr is the multifunctional pet app that makes pet care easier so you can focus on what matters most. From finding pet goods and services, to storing pet medical records, getting advice, and connecting with your local pet community, Kriddr makes pet-ownership and care more manageable and fun!

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Kriddr is a community based pet app that’s built by pet lovers for pet lovers!

  • Use the Kriddr iOS and Android App to:
  • Find service providers, discounts, & deals
  • Get general pet care information
  • Upload and store your pet’s medical records
  • Post a Lost Pet notification
  • Connect with shelters and adoption center
  • Post to the Kriddr community
find pet service providers locate dog friendly businesses and restaurants
connect with other pet owners

Join the Kriddr community

Whether you’re a pet owner or service provider, our free beta is open to you. And don’t forget to extend the invitation to your pet-loving friends!

Making pet care easier
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Kriddr is fueled by people who love pets.

Want to find playmates for your pet? Looking for a great dog park in your area? Kriddr makes it easy to connect! Our honest, welcoming community is comprised of pet owners and industry professionals who care about animals and their welfare. We hold trust, community, and support as our key values.

Kriddr makes pet community possible.

Kriddr is far more than a user-friendly mobile pet app and website. Kriddr makes it easy to engage with fellow pet owners, veterinary health care professionals, and various product and service providers on the Kriddr network.

Kriddr is human-piloted.

Pet profiles are managed by human profiles, allowing users to make the most of the available features for several of their individual pet’s needs. Say, Seamus the Corgi needs to meet fellow dogs to play with. Melissa, Seamus’s owner, can use Kriddr to look up profiles and connect with pet owners in her area.

Kriddr makes pet care easier for everyone.

Melissa’s other pet, Silver, a 12-year-old cat, needs a great veterinarian in the area. Within minutes, Melissa can use Kriddr to search, research, and select a vet in her area who specializes in caring for older cats, then have all of her pets’ medical records shared directly with those who need to know.

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