• Launching iOS and Android soon (end of April, early May)

  • Enrolling shelters, retailers, and service providers now


Deliver a Daily Activity Feed to Potential Adopters

You know that big whiteboard? It’s time to go mobile, thus allowing potential adopters to follow daily activities.  Oh and we provide Kriddr 100% free for all shelters and nonprofits.  Contact us for more information by chatting with the little box on the right.



Retailers and Service Providers

Supporting your business

Work with a Kriddr Account Manager to customize a solution for your business. Our EASY-TO-USE, FLEXIBLE platform is here to serve you.  Use for free and upgrade to the Premium (up to 5 locations) or Enterprise package (5+ locations).  Chat with the box on the right for more details.

Citizen Scientists

AKA pet parents

We are developing dog bark recognition, and need your help to build a crowdsourced machine learning repository.  It’s pretty cool, and we are starting to build a community to help us with it.  There will be a separate interface for pet parents to record their dog barks and tag associated behaviors as well as a social platform.  The result will be an app we distribute for free to shelters and relief organizations working with animals they don’t know.  SO, use your understanding of your dog to help build a new tool for the rest of the community!