How Kriddr Saves You Time and Money

With Kriddr Deals, you get access to exclusive promotions and discounts at pet stores right in your area. Forget about having to compare prices for all the products you buy most, with Kriddr you can purchase knowing you’re getting a great deal. A percentage of the proceeds from these exclusive deals goes to help support local nonprofit pet and animal organizations, so your purchases have a direct, positive impact on furry friends throughout the community.


Kriddr’s amazing functionality enables you to connect with various pet service providers in your area as well as rate the quality of service you received. Looking for a dog groomer? Now you can save yourself the time it takes to go online and research the various providers one by one. With us, you’ll know ratings are posted by real, actual pet owners and you can be empowered in the decisions you make. By taking time to rate the pet-oriented businesses you engage with, you’re helping other pet owners make informed decisions quickly and easily.

Our multifunctional pet app also enables you to store your pet records on the cloud. This means, you’ll never again have to go hunting for those medical records when you’re heading out to the vet. Have a family member, friend, or sitter who regularly cares for your pet? Well now you can share all of your pet’s vital information in mere seconds and feel secure knowing everyone has the information they need to do right by your cherished companion.

Ever wish setting playdates for your pet was hassle free? Our intelligently designed app enables you to connect with other Kriddr users quickly. In days of yore, one would have to post something on a community bulletin board and hope someone shows up. Kriddr enables you to connect to active, engaged pet owners who are most likely looking for playdates and other pet connection opportunities as well. Want your Dalmatian to play with other Dalmatians in your area?

And in the event that your dog or cat gets lost, you can post an alert right on our platform and spread the word to everyone in the Kriddr community! Our tool is built by pet lovers, for pet lovers. We want to help you simplify caring for your pet so that you can get back to spending more quality time with your precious companion.