Why Pet Community is Important

So, first and foremost, when we say “pet community” what exactly do we mean by those words? Your pet community consists of pet owners and pets within your city, town, or neighborhood. Your extended pet community may even consist of pet owners and pets in neighboring cities, and, if you’re aligned with a special sport or cause, that community may even extend to pets and pet people throughout your state.

Group Of Dogs With Owners At Obedience Class

Think of the fellow dog walkers you wave at when taking your dog for a walk. They’re in your pet community. Same can be said about the people you talk to at your local vet, as well as everyone within the veterinary practice. Now, think about your local pet store, the people you talk to there, the friendly and familiar faces behind the counter, they’re part of your pet community too. So why does this matter?

It matters because there are benefits to being part of a community. Looking for a specialist to treat your aging dog? Your pet community can help you by sharing their experiences at a local practitioner. Kriddr is not just a pet app, it’s a pet community tool that enables you to connect with pet people safely and easily. Have a cat with special health needs? Are you freaked out at the prospect of hiring just any pet sitter via the web? Our tool enables you to view ratings by real pet owners so you can connect with the pet service provider that’s right for you and your pet.

Need to socialize your new pup? As you probably already know, proper socialization from a young age is essential to a dog’s development. This user-friendly app enables you to create and post to the Kriddr community so you can connect with other puppy owners for an extra cute play date. Let’s say you have an older dog who isn’t big on walking but relishes a great game of fetch with other dogs. Post a classified on Kriddr, completely free of charge, and you can have your dog playing fetch with other senior canines asap. We make it possible to connect pets and pet people in a multitude of ways. When the opportunities of today’s technology meet the real needs of pet owners, improving your pet’s quality of life is just clicks away.

Taking part in your pet community can greatly increase your quality of life too. Instead of merely waving at those fellow dog walkers, now you have the ability to meet up with other dog owners in your area and expand your social circle. Got a spur of the moment idea to get to the dog beach? Well, get the word out on Kriddr and invite others to join you and your pet! In an age where there’s always more to do and less day-to-day connection, doesn’t it make sense to use the technology we have to engender community and pet-loving connections? Rest assured, we can do it because we are doing it with Kriddr, the pet app made by pet lovers for pet lovers.